Battle of Kirksville postcard

Thank You to Craig Asbury for his re-visit of The Battle of Kirksville and the collection he has so generously provided.

"The main thrust of my research was the Union dead (my great-great-grandfather, William W. Asbury, being one) as they have never been properly identified (those listed in the surrounding county books have been somewhat incorrect)."

On August 6, 1862, a battle was fought between Union forces, commanded by General McNeil, and Confederate forces, commanded by Colonel Porter in Kirksville, MO. This battle was the down turn in the Confederacy’s ability to recruit more troops in North Missouri and stopped any planned movement of these forces to join the main Confederate armies in Arkansas.

Whereas this information is specifically tailored to the Kirksville battle, the many events prior to, and after this battle, were all intertwined and the reader is urged to seek out further information in regard to the overall events of the Civil War in Northeast Missouri.

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