School Directories 1925-26 and 1950-51


"The School Directory of Missouri - 1925-26"
    Published for the teachers of Missouri.  It has rendered a valuable service.  While most schools responded promptly yet there were a few who did not reply to a third request and necessarily are omitted.
    The publication of salaries, save in Kansas City and St. Louis where set schedules are used, is deemed essential, else the directory would become of little value and publication cease.  The cities will gladly furnish anyone their salary schedules upon request.  The salaries published in this booklet are the only sources of information available for those who wish to make a study of teachers' salaries.  Misuse of such information is unprofessional.
    The asterisk (*) indicates information was secured from office files and are not salaries for this year, as these files are one year old.
"The Missouri School Directory - 1950-1951"
Publication No. 68
State Board of Education, Hubert Wheeler, Commissioner of Education
Same contents of the above book, only instead of being listed by town, they are listed by county - so queries on the 1950-51 book would have to be inquired about by county, as I am not familiar with which towns are in which counties :)

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NEW ! 1912 Bulletin Book from the First District Normal School in Kirksville, MO.
Provide by
Charlotte Belden - Moberly, MO
Charlotte purchased the 1912 Bulletin Book from the First District Normal School in Kirksville, MO at an antique store.  It is almost like a yearbook of sorts, with Faculty & Students enrolled from June 1911 to June 1912.  It also has many photos of students.  She will be glad to do lookups from this book.
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