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Several years ago there was evidently a newsletter people subscribed to called Pioneer Times.  As they found things they would submit them to be printed.  Later on, these were bound into hardback books that the library in Independence, MO.  had in their Genealogy dept. They had them in the basement and a few months ago,  were cleaning it out and sold me these books on EBay. 
I don't know where the original finder found them...  I just typed up what was in those newsletters.
Joanne - in the Sierra Foothills morgans4 at swbell dot net

Adair County Researcher Noted: 

"I have been to the courthouse in Kirksville, and looked up some information on the birth of a child for the Cornell family.  Found it in the book that they have at the courthouse.  The information was incorrect, and I did not copy it, but the information that was posted from these books with Adair births had the same incorrect information.  The data must be from the original record of births found in Kirksville.  It is the only book they have, and the clerk said that most births of that time did not get entered--just what was done voluntarily and sort of as an afterthought.  There were no birth certificates at the time."

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