Adair County, Missouri

All cemeteries have been transcribed. Most graves are before 1980.

Adair County Cemetery Directory

Cemetery Name City/location Cemetery Lists Address where people can send donations to this cemetery for perpetual care: Tombstone Page
(with pictures)
Allen Claybrook Stahl, also known as Branstutter, Cemetery Not Available. Linda is in the process of correcting the past 20 years of neglect by clearing the brush, putting up a new fence and sign over the gate, and will soon make repairs on the markers that have been broken over the years.
Baden Springs Novinger
Bakers in Adair various locations
Bear Creek Kirksville
Bethel 5 miles N. K'ville east on T.
Bragg Millard
Brashear Hurdland
Bullion Hwy 6 E.
Campbell Pure Air
Canaday Gifford
Cater 7 m. SE of Kirksville
Cheeseman Nind, Hwy 11 W from K'ville to Y, SW
Collett-Cain Novinger old road to Novinger 1/2 way from K'ville.
Cook-Sibole Northwest of Novinger on 162 to 163. Left side of road.
County S. side of Highland P. Cem.
Cox Stahl, NW Adair
Daniels Pure Air, 3 m. SE of Greencastle
East Center NE from K'ville, 6 m. E. on Rt. P.
Forrest-Llewellyn W. side of Kirksville
Fort Madison N. of K'ville on Hwy 63 to EE, E. 2 ¼ m., Polk Twp.
(South Methodist Church Cemetery)
N. of La Plata
Amanda may be able to help you with questions.
Gibbs South Methodist Cemetery
c/o Marie Moots
274 Maple St NE
Gibbs, MO 63540
Gibbs Union N. edge of Gibbs off Rt. V
Amanda may be able to help you with questions.
Gibbs Union Cemetery
c/o Dennis Garlock
26256 State Hwy F
Gibbs, MO 63540
Green Grove Hwy 149, 9 miles N. of Novinger
Hall Nind
Hamilton, also
known as Old
NE of Wilsontown
Amanda may be able to help you with questions.
Hazel Creek Union W side of BB, NW of K'ville 3 miles
Highland Park
Mary Immaculate
SE in Kirksville behind the HS
Illinois Bend 6 1/2 m. S of K'ville on Hwy 3 S. of HH junction.
Indian Hill
Indian Hill (historical)
Gifford Click here for list (I'm not sure if historical cemetery is included. It is located nearby.)
Jewel N. of Kirksville, Route B
Keller-Tuttle Highway 6 to Gibbs junction corner on the Old Daniel Tuttle Farm.
Lowrance Family 6 miles NE of K'ville
Lutz Cemetery Novinger
Maple Hill Hwy 6 & 63
Kirksville 1-660-665-3745.
McFeron-Dodson This Cemetery is located on the west side of a gravel road extending from South First Street (Kirksville) in section 28, twp. 62 N. Range 15 west on the Old Fickel Farm by Troy Mills.
Megrew Stahl
Amanda may be able to help you with questions.
Megrew Cemetery
c/o Glenda Baggs
410 Steer Creek Way
Kirksville, MO 63501
Miller Near the Adair and
Putnam Co line
Moots 5 miles NW of Brashear
Morelock Stahl, 16 miles NW of K'ville
Mt. Carmel Route CC about 1 mile
N of Macon County line.
Mount Moriah Novinger
Mulberry NW of Kirksville Route B about 2 miles west past Bear Creek.
Nineveh Connelsville
Novinger Just N. of Novinger 
about 1/2 mile
Novinger Family Adjacent to and immediately west of Novinger on Route O; cemetery is located on the end of Pennyroyal Ridge, abt. 200 yards west of the Novinger city limits and l/4 mile north of Route O. It is visible from Route O.
Oak Grove Greentop
Ownbey Kirksville
Parcell Salisbury Novinger
Park View Memorial Gardens Hwy 6 East Kirksville
also known as
Hurdland 1 1/2 m.
northeast of Brashear
Pinkerton Novinger
Prairie Bird
also know as Pleasant View
Amanda may be able to help you with questions.
Pratt Pure Air, SW of Novinger
Prough Novinger
Refuge Church NE of Kirksville
Richardson Willmathsville Not Available
Ringo Point Pure Air
Sabbath Home 8 miles E of K'ville,
5 1/2 miles NW of Brashear.
Salisbury-Parcells Cemetery Off of Route K half way between Novinger and Kirksville. It is close by the Pinkerton cemetery.
St. Mary's 13 miles E of K'ville
Shaver Millard
Shibleys Point Stahl
Shumaker Millard
Sloans Point Novinger
Stukey Millard
Tuttle-Keller Go on Highway 6 to Gibbs junction corner on Old Daniel Tuttle Farm.
Union 6 miles west of Novinger
Highway 6 and 149
Union Temple Kirksville
Waddill Kirksville
Wilmathsville Willmathsville
Off Hwy 63 - On Hwy A
(also known as New Wilson)
2 1/2 miles S. E. of Gibbs
Amanda may be able to help you with questions.
Wilsontown Cemetery
c/o Judy Shouse
35643 Surratt Creek Way
La Plata, MO 63549
Yarrow North of the road and east of the church
Amanda may be able to help you with questions on the Elmore family cemetery.

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