Campbell Cemetery



Pictures taken in Spring of 2002

May the Lord be with you...



Campbell Cemetery Spring 2002

Lillie B Wife of J W Williams
b Feb 28, 1874 d Nove 28, 1904
Age 30 years and 9 Mo

Uzal and Clara Cory

Olive May Cory Wife of J W Cory
d Jun 7, 1904
Age 23 yrs

Harry C
b Dec 1, 1901 d Nov 21, 1904
b JAn 26, 1903 d Jan 28, 1903
Sons if J. W. & S. M. Capps

Uzal Edward Cory

Johnson Capps
Son of D & K E Capps

John Henry Leapley
Missouri Sea Man 2 CL
Us Navy May 14, 1934

John Stone
b Jan 10, 1823 d Dec 25, 1890
3rd IA Cal Company C

Emma Owings
b May 30, 1880 d Nov 17, 1902

Also, look at the history here....

Della F Hammon wife of John Hammon
d Jun 18, 1888 Age 20 years

Bessie and Matthew Paul Stevens
Children of W R & M J Stevens

Mary A and Gloria Mae Children of W R & M J Stevens

Arthur B Dupree
b. Oct 13, 1829 d. Jan 3, 1913

Lucinda And Elbert Campbell

Elbert Jones
Son of J M & M J Jones

Micheal and Edward (* Possible Jones? *)

Susan Campbell wifr of James H Campbell

Cliford Jones
Son of H F & M H Jones

John S Stone and his Wife Mary

Eva Oliphant Wife Of Samuel

Lewis-Father 1849-1924
Sarah-Mother 1848-1904
Martha-Daughter 1886-1906
Mary-Wife 1850-1910

Jimmy and Albert Dorman Jan 29, 1905
May and Mack Dorman Feb 6, 1906
Children of George and Mary Dorman

Sherman And Allie Stone

Stella b Nov 17, 1913 d Oct 30, 1977
Audrey b Mar 14, 1909 d Dec 24, 1988

Map of Adair County Cemeteries

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