Gibbs Union Cemetery Pictures


May the Lord be with you...



Gibbs Union Aka S. Methodist Church


Darlene R. Begole

Roger K Begole

Zella R. & Bert Begole

Elias Benner

Nannie A. 1868-1949  Orval E. 1869-1941

Elsie Oretha Benner

Sept. 25, 1898 - Apr 15, 1990

Emily C. Blacksmith

Alice E. & Edward E. Buckingham

Sarah M. & Charles F. Bundy

Paul E. Calef

Fred R. & Anna Calef

Wanda Buckley Moore Calef

Ora F. & Julia O. Calef

James W. & Virginia Calef

Bert E. Calef

John & Martha Calef

Jeff & Emma Clouds

Edward & Alta Crawford


Bessie & Sadie Craggs

Taylor Cragg

William Carl Elmore

Terry Elmore

Elizabeth Ann Elmore

Clarence & Eva Elmore

James Edmonson

Matildu Edmonson

A. Blanche & Bert K. Featheringill

Harold O. Featheringill

Mortmore D. & Mary S. Featheringill

Alyce M. Hanlen

Robert E. Hanlen

Joseph H. Hibbs

Cora M. Johnson

Martha A. Johnson

James F. Johnson

Robert & Catherine Long

Emma May & Arthur G. Martin

Mark E. & Ada B. (Calef) McClanahan

Adda E. McVay

James & Susan McVay

John L. Monroe

M. S. Monroe

Mary L. Monroe

Edna F. & Lewellyn F. Moyers

Frederick W. Perry

Frederick W. & Genevieve Perry

Seymor J. Reed

Dillard Simpson Scott

Ira W. Scott

William M. Scott

Virgil Scott

James M. & Mina E. Scott

Fredrick & Minnie Sempf

Oliver D. & Roxie Stribling

Martha Stribling

John T. & Nancy D. Stribling

James W. Stribling

Joseph C. & Emma Taylor

William H. & Allie B. Stotts

Bess McVay & Charles F. Taylor

Lloyd W. Watson

Shelley Lynn Watson

Benjamin & Emily Young

Map of Adair County Cemeteries

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