Highland Park and Mary Immaculate 
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James E "Jay"   Geneva W.
July 29, 1897   Oct. 10, 1898
Dec. 10, 1978   Sept. 28, 1977
This Adair County Web site is dedicated in loving memory of Jay & Geneva Minor and my mother Dolores Loraine (O'Conner) Minor.
I miss you Mom, Grandma and Grandpa !
Claudia Minor - County Coordinator for Adair CO. MO GenWeb.

Thank you RitaJane

Charley Arndt

Carl Arndt

Rosa J. - Melvin P.
1858 - 1935   1867 - 1929

Emerson Beverlin
1883 - 1942

John Elmer Biros
Oct. 21, 1923 - July 4, 1982
Contact: Dale for this Biros surname.

Michall and Anna Biros
1890-1959 1901-1975
Contact: Dale for this Biros surname.

Ralph Michael Biros
Sept 20, 1925 - Feb. 18, 1995
Contact: Dale for this Biros surname.

Robert Bowles
Contact: Michele for Bowles surname.

Mary Bowles Burch
Contact: Michele for Burch surname.

Carl D. Butler

George W. Butler

Sherman & Elsie Butler
Contact: Michele for Butler surname.

Ermine Capps
Contact: Michele for Capps surname.

Albert & Mary J. Carner
Contact: Michele for Carner surname.

William & Mildred Cavey

William's service stone - William Thomas Cavey
Contact: Michele for Cavey surname.

Mary Jane MILLS Devlin

James D. Devlin

James & Anna Fortney
Contact: Michele for Fortney surname.

Lawrence Goodwin
Contact: Michele for Goodwin surname.

Hattie Lowe Harper
Contact: Michele for Harper surname.

Ruth Herndon
Contact: Michele for Herndon surname.


Chris Higgins - front & back
Contact: Michele for Higgins surname.

William West Holloway

William Riley Holloway

Riley Carroll Holloway

Mary Helen Holloway

Howard Andrew Karaff
Nov. 30, 1925 - Sept. 9, 1930
Contact: Dale for this Karaff surname.

Robert G. Karaff
Jan. 1, 1931 - Apr. 23, 1972
Contact: Dale for this Karaff surname.

Florence M. and George Karaff
Oct. 9, 1903   -    July 4, 1897
Apr. 6, 1977      -    Apr. 11, 1970
Contact: Dale for this Karaff surname.

Mary and Micheal Karaff
1898-1952     1874-1931
Contact: Dale for this Karaff surname.

Betty J. and Raymond P. Karaff
1926 -                 1921-1993
Contact: Dale for this Karaff surname.

Ronald Lee Karaff
Dec. 31, 1910 - Apr. 8, 1942
Contact: Dale for this Karaff surname.


Warner Mills

Ina Holloway Mills

Pearll McCuskey

Arthur McCuskey

Catherine Payton
Contact: Michele for Payton surname.

Mary C and Carter W. Patton
Dec. 5, 1903   -  Nov. 30, 1898
Oct. 24, 1994  -    July 28, 1987
Contact: Dale for this Patton surname.

John T. & Mamie Ratliff

Roscoe R. Ratliff
Contact: Michele for Ratliff surname.

George & Oletha Shafer

Norman Shafer
Contact: Michele for Shafer surname.

Roy P. Lola V. Skaggs

Emma Wilkins Waddill

John Glenn Waddill

John Thomas Waddill

Ray & Minnie Waddill

Sarah J. Waddill

Elba & Rachel Waddill

William C. Waddill

William M. Waddill
Contact: Michele for Waddill surname.

Ada Watson

Ethren & Lavina Watson & Ethren's military service stone

Enos & Mertie Watson

Melvin, Meda & Hazel Watson
Contact: Michele for Watson surname.

Lillie West
Contact: Michele for West surname.

Map of Adair County Cemeteries

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