Maple Hills
Cemetery Pictures


Thank you RitaJane and Michele

Inside the Mausoleum


Mildred E 1918 - 1994 And Howard E 1916 - 1986
Very Kind and Loving People, Missed by Many...

Lucille Anesi
1909 - 1985

Louis Peat Anesi
1906 - 1988
Contact:  Patty for Anesi surname.

Bulah Cole

Earl Cole
Contact: Michele for Cole surname.

Dean M. Cragg

Lila Faye Cragg

Orville R. Cragg
Contact: Michele for Cragg surname.

Emily Gallacher (in Mausoleum)
Contact: Michele Cragg for Gallacher surname.

Miriam Golden

Trent O. Haggard

Cecile Ferne Haggard

E. Donald Hicks
Missouri PFC 516 Signal Co
Aug 8, 1931 - May 8, 1969

Leslie B. Hicks
Missouri PVT Quartermaster Corps
World War I
Oct 27, 1890 - Jan 22, 1960

Margaret C. Hicks
Dec. 12, 1892
Contact: Gailene for Hicks surnames.

V. Harold McCuskey

Mary E. McCuskey

Mary E. McKinney

Mary B. McKinney

Rolla McKinney

Andrew Nimmo

Virginia Nimmo

Edna Ival Payton
Oct. 19, 1902 - July 12, 1985

Lillie C. Payton
Oct. 18, 1880 - Feb. 13, 1964

Ransford Payton
Oct. 21, 1868 - March 7, 1952

Samuel Francis Payton
May 30, 1903 - Dec. 3, 1967
Contact:  Bob Smith for Payton surnames.

Dale & Mildred Ratliff (in Mausoleum)

Kenneth L. Ratliff

Norman L. Ratliff

Sarah C. Ratliff
Contact: Michele for Ratliff surname.

Carolyn Sue Troester
Contact: Michele for Troester surname.

David S. Waddill

Florence E. Waddill

Contact: Michele for Waddill surname.

Opal A. Wheeler

Ada L. Vanskike

Map of Adair County Cemeteries

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