Prairie Bird Cemetery
also known as
Pleasant View Cemetery



Pictures taken in Spring of 2002

May the Lord be with you...



Located On Route F about 5 miles NW of Gibbs.

On Route F about 5 miles NW of Gibbs, there was an old building standing beside the cemetery.

And there were a lot of GARLOCK family members buried in it. It is a very old and not used cemetery,

from what we could see. We took pictures of all the stones and all that data that was readable.

May the Lord be with you...


Andrew Garlock b July 23, 1840 d Feb 2, 1908 Age 59 6 Mo 20 days
Jane C wife of Andrew Garlock b Aug 6, 1840 d 1930

Wife of H Garlock b. 4-30-1860 d. 8-19-1886
25 years 4 Mo 2 days

Children of J W + D E Crawford

Esther R Dau of H + B E Garlock b Nov 7, 1882 d. Aug 13, 1888
Mary Alice Dau of H + B E b Jun 22, 1886 d July 30, 1886
Shared stone

Unreadable  Bottom of stone says Garlock

Lonnie Cecil Son of J W + A L Kelley

Martha b 5-6-1845 b 4-13-1926
Jacob b 6-22-1845 d 1-15-1925

Martin V
Son of B + M A McCloskey

Dau of J M + M McCloskey

Son of B + M McCloskey
d 1866 or 1886

Nancy M
Daughter of B + M McCloskey

Garlock Children
Bertha E dau R + A G Garlock
b Oct 8, 1870 d Dec 4, 1885
Alfred L Son of R + A Garlock
b 10-12-1881 d 8-21-1886

Rev. A D Thomas
b Sept 7, 1838 d May 5, 1907

Grave Stones Just thrown in a corner of the Cemetery.
One Stone cleary says; W.S.K.

Susan dau of J C Garlock
b ?  d 1884

Clearly 1 through 5 are unknown....


Urvin McClosey
Son of B + M McCloskey
Aug 3, 1885
8 Mo old

Thank you RitaJane

Map of Adair County Cemeteries

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