Cemetery Pictures
Waddill Way Road



Joseph Conley

Ruth Gates

Joshua Ginnigs

Sarah Ginnigs

Isaac Ivie

Thomas Lowe

Charles Moots

Levi Moots


Moss Rigdon

Josiahand Jasper Roberts

G. W. Rutherford

James Seavey

Elbridge J. Seavey

Harriet M. and John Vaughn

Jas H. Voss

Letha Voss

Delilah Waddill

Elizabeth Waddill

Isabella Waddill

DC Willis

Frances Willis

Martha Willis



Side note from RitaJane: 

The cemetery is awful... Over grown, brush all over, thorns and thistles and we both come out of there with battle wounds... They are named with the names on the stone, I enhanced them then I used their name.  We took some pictures for a person looking for her WADDILL family, SO, while we were there, we also took the others that are readable. In this cemetery, these are the only readable stones that we found to take pictures of.

Thank you RitaJane

Map of Adair County Cemeteries

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