General Index for Adair County Gravestone Inscriptions

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This is a 22,953-name general index for Adair County gravestone inscriptions that appear elsewhere in this website under individual cemetery names. This index is in the form of a database with fields for Surname, Given Name, Birth Date, Death Date and Cemetery Name. Dates are given in the order of month-date-year. This is largely intended to locate the cemetery of burial for persons of interest and is not intended to replace the data available via links to individual cemeteries. The individual cemetery sites provide history, names of contact persons and, in some cases, cemetery maps. In many cases, inscriptions are accompanied by the grave location and/or comments such as relationships and military service. Most data are from the 1980 book "Adair County Cemeteries" published by the Adair County Historical Society. Since that book was published over 20 years ago and some of its data was transcribed many years prior, more recent burials are not included.

This general index was prepared by Claire R. Lloyd primarily from text files supplied by Claudia Minor, Web Master for the Adair County GenWeb site. In some cases, this index contains gravestone inscriptions that do not appear in the lists for the individual cemeteries in this web site. For example, the records for Novinger Cemetery appearing in this index have all those shown in the web site plus 374 additional newer records. Those were copied by Ralph and Barbara Hover over the past two or three years for the entire cemetery except Section D which they intend to complete in the future. In addition, Helen Ledford submitted a few updated records for the Morelock Cemetery.

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Please thank Gary and Claire Lloyd for this valuable and time consuming index.