Town of Shibleys Point


Shibleys Point, Adair Co., Mo.

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Shibleys Point History:

Submitted by Victoria Tagart.  It was found by another family member researching the Hughes line.....unknown date on the description.

Shibley's Point is described as "a post village of Adair County, in Morrow Township, situated on Shuteye Creek, 15 miles from Kirksville, the county seat."  It was settled in the year 1840 by James Cain, Robert Burns (see picture below), Jacob Shibley and James Cox.  In the year of 1853 a post office was established.  The country around is very rich and productive.  Principle kinds of timber are oak, walnut, hickory, elm, cherry, and maple.  Chief products of the county are wheat, rye, oats, corn, tobacco, and buckwheat.  The village contains one church, viz: Christian, Rev. B. Shibley.  It contains two blacksmiths, one broom manufacturer, three cabinet makers and dealers in furniture, two clothing dealers, three carpenters, one cooper, one steam flooring mill, one hide and leather dealer, two physicians, one steam saw mill, and two shingle makers.  Population: 100.

Sometime after his arrival from Virginia in 1854 McDowell Hughes built a log blacksmiths shop, home, and stable on his forty acres located about 80 rods north of the store at Shibley's Point.  McDowell and his brother were ten and twelve when their father died in Virginia.  There is no record of who was older.  Their mother bound them out- Richard, as an apprentice carpenter, and McDowell  as an apprentice blacksmith.   McDowell became an expert and did a lot of work for the United States government during the Civil War and was never paid for it.


Forest and Inez Miller,
their 1st Store and New Truck
Shibleys Point 1924
. Sol May advised  Dad (Forest Miller)  to buy the store, I don't know the sellers name but Dad & Mom made him an offer.  He said no, he did not want to sell the store,  then they decided to build a new store across the street,  the seller then decided he would sell.

Forest and Inez Miller's new home
Shibleys Point 1924

Picture donated by:
Donald Miller
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This sketch, of Robert and Louisa Balla Burns, is a pencil recreation of a copy of a copy of an original photo that was about to go "by by" due to deterioration. My wife's parents were from the Greencastle and Shibley's Point communities.
I welcome communications. I have fairly extensive holdings on the history of the Burns and Stewart and Reece families in that area.

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