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The following from:SKETCH OF ADAIR COUNTY, MISSOURI By A. H. John, M.D. 1800s


The affable and agreeable disposition of its citizens has attracted the attention of those seeking a new location, until Kirksville has doubled its population within three or four years. It is situated on the St. Louis, Kansas City and Northern Railroad, 203 miles from St. Louis, and 70 miles west of Quincy, on the Quincy, Missouri and Pacific Railroad, being on the grand divide between the waters of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, where the best of water for family purposes can be obtained at a depth of from 15 to 20 feet.

The town was laid out in 1842, and named in honor of Jesse Kirk. It became incorporated in 1857. Wm. Lough, John Thomas, M. P. Hannah, O. H. Beeman, J. C. Thatcher, John D. Foster an E. W. Parcels, who are now living, were the first Board of Trustees. The citizens are noted for their morality and intellignce, and a more orderly town cannot be found.

The Churches are the M. E. Church and the M. E. Church South, Presbyterian, Cumberland Presbyterian, Baptist, Free Will Baptist, Christian, Episcopal ad Colored Baptist. Beside these there are also societies of Universalists and Spiritualists, all of which taken together, evinces a strong desire to elevate man.

There are two Newspapers, the "REGISTER," W. C. B. Gillespie, Publisher, and the"JOURNAL," S. M. Picken, Publisher, besides a Job Office; two Banking Houses; fourteen Dry Goods Stores; four Clothing Stores; two Book Stores; nine Grocery Stores; two Furniture Stores; five Drug Stores; two Jewelry Stores; three Hardware Stores; two Saddle and Harness Shops; three Lumber Yards; two Wagon Shops; four Hotels; two Hide, Fur and Wool purchasing Stores; two Brick Yards, (near town,) two Marble Shops; three Grain Warehouses and two Hay Establishments.

There are also two Grist Mills; one Woolen Mill; one Plow Factory; one Hub and Spoke Factory; one Cheese Factory; one Planing Mill and Furniture Factory.

Water, Wood and Coal being of easy access recommends this town as a very desirable place for manufacturing purposes. Population 4,000.



(Paulville,) on the Q.M.&P.R.R., twelve miles east of Kirksville, contains about six stores, a Saw and Grist Mill, a Grain Warehouse, Hay Press, School House, and United Brethren Church. It is the heaviest Shipping Point in the County, except Kirksville; being surrounded by a good producing District. Populantion 200.


A thriving Village on the St. L., K.C.&N.R.R., seven miles south of Kirksville, containing three Stores, Warehouse, Hay Press, School House, Church &c. Population 120.


A German Town, owned by a Society after the manner of the Fourierites, located about eight and a half miles (air line) N. W. of Kirksville, on the Chariton River, which is bridged at this point. It contains a Church, School House, two Stores, Saw and Grist Mill, and a Tannery. Population 100.


On the St. L.,K.C.&N.R.R., seven miles north of Kirksville, contains two Stores, a Grain Warehouse and Hay Press, and does a large Shipping Business.

TROY MILLS, four miles south of Kirksville, contains a large Woolen Mill.

WILIMATHVILLE, thirteen miles N.E. of Kirksville, contains two Stores, a Church and School House. Population 75.

WILSON, sixteen miles S. E. of Kirksville, contains two Stores, Church, School House, &c. Population 50.

SHIBLEY'S POINT, seventeen miles north-west of Kirksville, contains one Store.

RINGO'S POINT, eighteen miles south-west of Kirksville, contains one Store.

FLOYD'S CREEK, is a Post Office eight miles north-east of Kirksville.

LINDERVILLE and ZIG are Post Offices, respectively eleven and thirteen miles south-west from Kirksville, and PRAIRIE BIRD Post Office is situated ten miles south-east.

Adair County is possessed of many natural advantages, and a few points furnish peculiar inducements in regard to location; among them Hog Creek stands preeminent. It is so named in consequence of the outrange for Hogs being unsurpassed.

In fact, all the tributaries of the Chariton hold out great inducements to the new comer.

In conclusion it is not too much to say that, in addition to her natural advantages, Adair County is peopled by a class of Citizens unequaled in geniality and hospitality, and a warm welcome is extended to all who are seeking a home.

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Map of Adair County

CHARITON MILLS, a small village of Adair County, Missouri.

CHARLESTON, a village of Adair County, Missouri, 110 miles N. by W. from Jefferson City.

SPRING CREEK, of Missouri, flows S. E. into Chariton river, in Adair County.

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