Adair County Marriages in the 1800s

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Adair County was organized January 29, 1841.
The first courthouse was a log structure, and was built during 1843, and first occupied in October of that year.  This building was used for about six years, when it was replaced by a brick building, which was burned on the night of March 25, 1865.  In this fire a few records were burned, though there was no serious loss suffered.  From that time until 1898 the county had no courthouse, rooms for county offices and court purposes being rented.
The first circuit court for Adair County was held at the house of John Cain, on April 23, 1841, Honorable James A. Clark presiding judge, with David James, clerk, and Isaac N. Eby, sheriff.  The members of the first grand jury were Jesse Jones, E. Braggs, James A. Adkins, John Warner, William Sholl, John Nickel, Westal Mason, David Floyd, Spencer Googan, Quitley Henry, William Hurley and Walter Crocket.
The members of the first county court were Jonathan Floyd, Benjamin Morrow and one Wilson.

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