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Become a volunteer!   The ACHS museum hours are Thursday and Friday  1 - 4 p.m.
Located at 211 South Elson Street, Kirksville, Missouri 63501-3466.
Phone: 1-
660-665-6502 or email:

Membership . . .

A goal was set to reach 500 members. 
Will you help us to reach this goal and be a part of ACHS ?

History pervades all aspects of daily life. 
Local history gives continuity, a perspective for being and creates a sense of "Place". 
A knowledge of history benefits the community and its people. 
History can bring preventive, therapeutic and curative powers to many social ills today.

The annual membership year is January 1 to December 31
Membership dues are as follows:

The Adair Historian, published in January, April, July and October. Mailing labels on your newsletter indicate membership status.

We invite you to take this opportunity to join our growing family of Adair Countians with interest in shared history. 
If you know of someone, friends, relative, neighbor, or business interested in this effort, invite them to join with us. 
With your help the goal of 500 members can be reached.  
If mailing membership and annual meeting reservations together, please send separate checks to:

Adair County Historical Society
211 South Elson Street
Kirksville, Missouri 63501-3466
Phone: 1-

For question call the number above.

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