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who lost their lives in Europe in the World War

World War I

Pickler Memorial Library

US Army Recruiting Station, Kirksville, MO
Enlistment Records, 1916-18
Musdp U1
Violette Collection of WWI Soldiers' Letters
Musdp Collection V1


This World War I  German Howzer cannon can be seen at Memorial Park in Kirksville, MO.
Photo by William Thomas Minor, former POW, life long resident of Adair County.

Memories of Memorial Park: "I spent my youth living near the Memorial Park and playing there often.  I remember when they dug the pool by hand and how we all watched with much anticipation.  I remember many WWI veteran's playing croquet and with a lot of us sitting around the cannon listening to their stories of their experiences in WWI.  (Best  history lessons about WWI I ever had.)  The Memorial Park was always a place to have fun but also to remember the WWI as told by the veterans themselves.  I especially remember one veteran telling us how glad he was that we had this park to play in as that is what they had fought and many had died for."
James "Jay" Minor,
who I've been told, was the first Kirksville young man to volunteer for service in WWI and who volunteered  for service without any thought of advertisement of his hardships or war experiences. 

The Freedom Tree
With the Vision of Universal Freedom
For All Mankind

Photos by RitaJane, resident of Kirksville, Adair County Missouri.
The Cannons and monument have been moved to a site on Hwy 63 by the swimming pool.

Pensions Pension files for US military personnel prior to World War I,  are housed at the National Archives Records Administration in Washington, DC. If you had an ancestor who served his country in the American Revolution, the Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Civil War, or the Spanish-American War; he might have received a government pension. If your ancestor did not apply, his widow, dependent children, or dependent parents might have applied for and received his pension. This is especially true for Civil War veterans.

World War I

If you have a picture of your class with one of your classmates who died in WWI (names listed below), just email me with the class year and the location of his picture, row, etc. I have the KHS Centennial book and can locate him from it. Class pictures are 1897, 1911, 1913, 1914, 1818 thru 1920, 1925, 1928, 1931 thru 1968, 1970 thru 1984, 1990 thru 1993.  Some years missing: 1898 thru 1910, 1912, 1915 thru 1917, 1921 thru 1924, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1930, 1969, 1983 thru 1989. Not available after 1993.

James Anderson
James T. Baker
Thomas E. Barnett
Henry Paul Bibee
Harold S. Bohon
Vern D. Boling
Fred Brokaw
Harry Brookings
Rufus C.Callison
William S. Carter
Paul Conner
Calvin L. Croson
Calvin L. Croson
Lee Darr
Earl Davis
William Gauer
Dale Geoghegan
Levi W. Griswold
Ray D. Hartsock
Hallie D. Hibbetts
Cecil Hood
Charles Johnston 
Ivie Glenn Lowe

The WORLD WAR I CIVILIAN DRAFT REGISTRATION database contains 1,215,381 records reflecting 141,114 surnames of all registrants born 1872-1900 from about 15% of U.S. counties.


Military in Missouri


Always...remembering fallen comrades

This page in HONOR of my grandfather
~JAMES E. MINOR, Kirksville, Missouri~
Sgt. United States Army - WWI
First volunteer in Adair for WW I