Adair County Veterans who served . . . .

Rev. War War of 1812 Civil War

The Battle of Kirksville
WWI World War II Korean War

Vietnam War

Desert Storm/Iraq

Veterans Memmorial Index Created By KHS Students

KHS students in the school's Web Page Design class recently completed an online index for the new Adair County Veterans Memorial.

The students, under the direction of the late, KHS teacher, Randy Reynolds, entered the names of more than three thousand Adair County veterans into a data base that arranges the names alphabetically.


Photo by William Thomas Minor, former POW, life long resident of Adair County.


Pensions Pension files for US military personnel prior to World War I,  are housed at the National Archives Records Administration in Washington, DC. If you had an ancestor who served his country in the American Revolution, the Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Civil War, or the Spanish-American War; he might have received a government pension. If your ancestor did not apply, his widow, dependent children, or dependent parents might have applied for and received his pension. This is especially true for Civil War veterans.

Always ... remembering .....

This web site is in HONOR of 

my grandfather
~JAMES E. MINOR, Kirksville, Missouri~
Sgt. United States Army - WW1

my father
~WILLIAM T. MINOR, Kirksville, Missouri~
POW - 2nd Lutenet - United States Army Air Core - WWII
Gremlin's Roost B24
The aircraft belonged to the 445th Bomb Group/703rd Squadron
which was under the command of James (Jimmy) Stewart.
My dad, W.T. Minor (co-pilot) P.O.W.

and my nephew
who served in Desert Storm
and is now serving in Iraq
~ William T. (Bill) MINOR ~
United States Army Reserves

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