Kirksville Souvenir Booklet - from the late 1800's


Kirksville Court house


Kirksville Mayor, council and other Kirksville city officials.
1st Row:
S.S. Lyon - Councilman, U.E. Resser - City Clerk, F.J. Wilson - Treasurer, 
Steph Hall - City Enginer, Hareolog - Councilman
2nd Row:
G.W. Marrow - Councilman, S.E.J. Porter - Marshal, W.E. Noonan - Mayor, Wilhite - Collector, 
???? - Councilman
3rd Row:
Robert Lorenz - Councilman, W. P. Foster - Councilman
4th Row:
R.C. McCahon? - Councilman, J.C. Cooley - Attorney, W.G. Ewrin - Police Judge, 
H.C. Hohn - Assessor, L.N. Link - Councilman

American School of Osteopathy

 Booklet images provided by Doug Keeney, assisted by Paula Yount. 
Thank you so very much!

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