Sloan, Kellogg, Vaughn of Adair County, Missouri

The following are my photos. Linda   I am a descendant of Jesse Kirk, John Vaughn, David Sloan and Nelson Wisner of the NY Wisners.  These photos were from my great grandparents house in Kansas City, Armon P Vaughn and Sennie Jeanette Wisner.  He was a School Superintendent for Rosedale in the early 1900's.  We have figured out about a third of them through a Vaughn cousin who contacted me.   Pat Ellebracht, of the Adair Historical Society and I believe I have an old tintype of Minerva Sloan.  My family tree is posted to called Salt of the Earth 3.  Would be happy to share infoYou can see some of my unidentified photos and others here.

Armon Vaughn Class
School picture w/ Armon P Vaughn w/ his students; looks like the same class
he took to the Worlds Fair (below).

Classroom of A P Vaughn, teacher - Washington School, No. 8.
1904 Class of Teacher A.P. Vaughn (Armon Preston Vaughn). 
In the lower left hand corner there is a sign that says: Kirksville, MO.

Mary East Sloan
This photo we believe is Mary East Sloan.  It is an extremely small tintype and I didn't think we could find out who she was until I saw the photo of Mary East Sloan in A History of Adair County.  Comparing next photo.  What do you think? See here --->

Mary East Sloan

John Vaughn


John Vaughn b. 1825 in Mercer Co., PA, d. 1905 in Kirksville, MO.  He was first married to Harriet Perrin and they had 5 children: Sarah Jane, Samuel Anderson, Armon Preston, Ida O, and John Elmer Vaughn.  A self
educated man who only had 6 months of formal schooling gave his thirst for learning to his children.  Armon Preston and Samuel Anderson Vaughn were
both teachers in Adair County and Armon later became School Superintendent of the Rosedale Area in Kansas City, KS.  His second wife was Jane Feather.

Sarah Jane Vaughn

Sarah Jane Vaughn

Sarah Jane "Sadie" Vaughn, younger and older.  These pics were identified by Margaret Lowe Mathena, her descendant.  Sarah Vaughn married Thomas Lowe and after his death married Wm M Waddill.

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