Kirksville and Adair County in the 1800's
(I have taken pictures of any of these buildings that are still standing today ... 2002)

Italianate architecture

The Kellogg house is often confused with this large frame home known as the Parcell Plantation.  The Parcell home was similar in architecture to the Kellogg place, and both homes were at one time owned by the Kelloggs.  the plantation, built before the Civil War, was reportedly damaged by cannon fire during the Battle of Kirksville. (Photo from the Kirksville Daily Express and Reva, RDWILSON6 at msn dot com a decendent of this Parcell family.)

Thank you Craig for providing many of these pictures.
See the Battle of Kirksville, also from Craig.

West side of Kirksville Square 1960's

West side of Square 2002

South side of Square                                                  South side of Square - West corner
                                                                                                    East side of Square

North side of Square 2002
No longer there.
No Williams St.                                                 No longer there  Italianate architecture


 No St. Charles St. but I think this is the old Sneed house.

This house was built around 1863.
It is
Italianate architecture with Stick influence.
No longer there.
                                                                     No longer there
                                                                           Italianate architecture
Couldn't find.