Businesses in Kirksville

1910 Shelby Shoe Factory
Friedman Shelby Shoe Factory 1910
International Shoe Factory  Now gone!
1915 Shoe Factory
shoe factory
shoe factory
shoe factory 2002
W. W. Daum Kirksville Wagon
Burk Bros Packing Co. 1912 - Now gone!
Train Depot
1917 Kirksville Depot  Kirksville Depot - Now gone!
Horsedrawn Firemen
Post Office
post office
Post Office early 1900
Post Office 1909
Post Office 1910
Post Office 1930
Clubs - Organizations
Elks Club 1912 - Sojourners Library
now: Adair County Historical Society
Hotels - Motels
1920 TRAVELERS Hotel     TRAVELERS 1920's   
Travelers 1950's
History of the Travelers Hotel
Travelers 2004
1947 Dockery Hotel    Dockery Hotel 1947   - Now gone!
Pool Hotel - Now gone!
Shamrock Inn
Colonial Manor
Kennedy Theater
Kennedy Theater
Kenedy Markey
Opera Place
Rooch Ford Motor
Rooch Ford Motor 1
Rooch Ford Motor 2
Palace Bakery
First Palace Bakery 1907
Interior Palace Bakery 1907
Palace Bakery 1920 Pictures of the Bondurant family business,
the Palace Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor
founded in 1907 by James David Bondurant
and run by brothers James and Will.
Palace Bakery 1950's