The Parrish/Harris/Slone House
on North Franklin Street.
It is scheduled to be restored.

University volunteers excavate historic Parrish House
for National Trust renovation project

Are you a descendant of the
families of Adair or Sullivan CO?

    The staff at the Mormon Mesa Arizona Regional Family History Center would like to have these photos and letter given to the descendants.
     The person who wrote the letter dated 1924 (to HATTIE MALLOY,
Gage, OK from F. MORRIS, Kenmore, OH) gives a short genealogy of the DAVISSON/MORRIS/RADCLIFFE families starting with
    The photos in the file are beautiful original photos.  Among these photos are ARTHUR DEE SHEPARD and EMMA SHEPARD.  I have found both these two individual in the 1920-30 census in Sullivan County. 
      I have also found that they are buried in the GREENCASTLE Cemetery, Sullivan County.
These photos are:
   1.  Arthur Dee SHEPARD taken 23 Sep 1912, Kirksville, MO
   2.  Emma - Marble&Marble Photographer, Kirksville, MO
   3.  Hattie Eva MALLOY  
   4.  P.B. and Etta DAVISSON   Kirksville, MO
   5.  Olive RADCLIFFE    8 Dec 1905
   6.  Olive MORRIS
   7.  Dee and Emma   N.P. Wier Photographer, Kirksville, MO
   8.  Group picture: Olive, P.B. and Etta Davisson, Dee,
        Emma, Muriel, Olin, Glen, Florence, Hardin, 
        C.J., Bess, Bernie, Hazel, A.J., and Hattie
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One of several nicknames for self-propelled passenger-carrying rail cars
built in the early 1900's. They were powered by gasoline engines (later
diesel engines), which turned an electric generator which fed current to
traction motors geared to the wheels this is not the Train, that ran between
Kirksville, MO and Centerville, Iowa, in the early to mid 1900's