Adair County Schools & Class Pictures
Kirksville Schools

Grade Schools:



  • Willard: N. Centennial St. between W. Cottonwood and W. Martha Streets.
    Old: Built about 1899 in the northwest part of town.
    New: No corner stone and no date in the "Book of Adair County" 1976.
    According to my father, Bill Minor, it was built the same time as Greenwood. 
    One can see the similarities with the two buildings.
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  • New Upper Elementary Ray Miller: E. Normal Ave.
    built in 1970 to house grades 4-5-6.
  • Primary School: E. Hamilton Street. Built ????

Kirksville Jr. High School

  • Old Jr. High Ophelia Parrish Junior High School: Normal Street. 1924.
  • New Junior High School or Middle School: Cottage Grove Ave.  Built ????
High Schools: KHS pictures
  • 1st High School: Located at Normal Ave. and Halliburton St. where Greenwood is.
    Built about 1899 and in 1914 was converted into Greenwood Elementary School.
    Torn down in 1934 where the new Greenwood School was built on the site.
  • Old High School: E McPherson Street. Built in 1914 and was replaced in
    1960 with a new building on S. Cottage Grove Ave.
  • Old KHS 1913
  • 1895 to1935 - located where Greenwood is.
  • New High School: S. Cottage Grove Ave.  Built in 1960.
  • Kirksville Area Vocational Technical School: S. Cottage Grove Ave. Built ????.


Board of Education:  After the New High School was built, the Old High School building was used.  In ???? a new building was built on E. Hamilton Street.

Morelock School 1907

It is of a class probably in the 1900's, but when or where we don't know,
someplace in Kirksville


Novinger, Mo.  1897 or 1898
In the front row from left children 4 - 5 - 6 are Walter H. Pratt - John A. Pratt - Ora A. Pratt - brothers.
Contributed by Barbara F. Pratt


KHS class probably in the 1900's, but when or where we don't know,
someplace in Kirksville. Teacher's name was MRS. TIPTON.
Picture includes Pearl Crow.
Marlene, the Crow's live out on Route B, so I would guess this is Porter School.

Picture donated by Marlene EERODDY at aol dot com

Kirksville Normal School 1867-1918 NEMO Truman

Scott J. Miller Rural School
Kirksville State Normal School
Kirksville State Normal School 1915
Kirksville State Normal School 1909
Kirksville State Normal School
Professor Baldwin

1912 Bulletin Book from the First District Normal School in Kirksville, MO. 
Provide by
Charlotte Belden - Moberly, MO
Charlotte purchased the 1912 Bulletin Book from the First District Normal School in Kirksville, MO at an antique store.  It is almost like a yearbook of sorts, with Faculty & Students enrolled from June 1911 to June 1912.  It also has many photos of students.  She will be glad to do lookups from this book.
"The School Directory of Missouri - 1925-26"
The Missouri School Directory - 1950-1951
Just e-mail me: Charlotte Belden cbelden at missvalley dot com

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Kirksville Teachers College
1919 - 1966

Kirk Memorial - Northeast Missouri State Teachers College

Kirk Auditorium 1
Kirk Auditorium 2
Baldwin Hall - Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collage
1956 - NEMO
Student Union - NEMO

Northeast Missouri State Teachers College
1967 - 1984


History of Truman

City of Kirksville
Kirksville Chamber

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