Kirksville:  Greenwood Grade Schools

Greenwood Grade School, 
606 S. Haliburton St., 
Kirksville, MO.
Named for James Greenwood, a noted Missouri Educator
in the late 1800's.

Photo by John Westrom,
Nov. 25, 1997

You can get a this postcard at the Historical Society in K'ville.










Greenwood north side door.       


Greenwood Elementary School - 1950

Irma Martin, Rosa Soule, Mary Brown, Dorthy Ivers, Erma Kennedy, Dorothy Richardson, Juanita Jones, Marie Dougherty, Earleen Webber; Miss Willie Whitson, Director: Margaret Bullock, Hazel Smith.
Picture from 1950 Echo yearbook, provided by Mark Laughlin.

Top Row: Teacher Mrs. Carmen, Claudia Minor, Jack McClain, Clair Sykes, David Wyrik, Ann Biggerstaff
Middle row: Leslie Combs, Jannie Rollands, Gail Kohlenberg, Gary Truitt
Bottom row: David Current, ?, ?, Becky Minear, Perry Bradshaw, ?.
If you know the names I have forgotten, please email me cminor at webmoondance dot com and let me know them. Thanks Becky M. for helping me with names!

Greenwood Grade School Mrs. Gelback's 6th grade, 1960-1961 
Year Kennedy  was elected ! 

Top row: Mrs. Gelbach,  Bart Stanfield, Debby Vice, Randy Shahan, Kathy Tietsort, 
               Bill Orendorff, Sharon Winter, Jack McClain, Ann Biggerstaff.
2nd row: Lesley Combs, Peggy Perry, Don Evans, Ricky Munden, Vickie Smith, 
               Bobby Gardner.
3rd row: Nancy Littrell, Perry Bradshaw, Gail Kohlenberg, Marcia Shelton, 
              Phillip Stephens, Sue Campbell.
4th row: Gary Truitt, Dorothy Arnold, Bret Salladay, Connie Brown, George Wharton, 
             Clair Sykes, Bob Young, Jeanie Erwin, Warren Lantz.
Bottom row: David Treasure, Ronda Morris, Wynn Miller, Becky Minear, Claudia Minor,
             Jenny Mitchell, Ronnie Petree.
Please let me know if I have any names wrong .... working from memory here. *smile*
email me  cminor at webmoondance dot com Thanks Bret, for helping me with names.

Greenwood Grade 5, 1958-1959     Phil Cotton CottoJP at aol dot com sent this picture for us.

Top:  Louise Trent (teacher); Jimmy Miller; Margaret Attebery; Jerry Wright; Cathie Welch; 
         Alan Daniels; Cecilia Beets, Bob Moritz
2nd:  Cindy Walter; David May; Diane Bailey; Steve Young; Donna Sees: Jimmy Martin
3rd:  Janice Sevits; James Crawford; Janet Hayward; Mitchel Welch; Teresa Searcy; 
        Phil Cotton; Suanna Anesi; Richard Wood
Bottom:  Joyce Sevits; Roger Rea; Ruth Taylor; Andrea Ramon

Photo provided by Mark Laughlin