Mary Immaculate Grade School
Row 5: Sister Stephanie, Kenny Bounds, Karen Platz, Timmy Treasure, Nancy Garrett, David Heaberlin, ?, 
            Glen Garrett, Marcia Crnic.
Row 4: ?, Pam ?, Mike Schwartz, John Williams, Debbie Craik, ?.
Row 3: Cynthia Welgoss, Richard Ball, ?, Edith Ann Strube, Larry Garrett, Theresa Kelly.
Row 2: Wayne Hawkins, Theresa Chiarottino, Bob Higgins, Janet Croarkin, Eddie Crnic, ?, 
            Jon Schwartz, Becky Quinn, Leslie Camp.
Row 1: Claudia Minor, Sandra Kriegshauser, Lynn Mihalevich , Patty Kriegshauser, Linda Miller,
             ?, Patty Mihalevich, Ray Snell.

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cminor at webmoondance dot com


A LARGE CROWD attended the Fun Night held at the Mary Immaculate school Friday night. Prizes were awarded to Tom O'Donnell, left, as the ugliest costumed person; John Kauzlarich, second from left, prettiest costume; and Mike Kelly, third from left, with his dog, "Lum" most characteristic. Tom Minor, right, as an African lad, was the photographer's choice for the most unusual.  The other two children, second and third from right, are Jem and Claudia Minor, brother and sister of the African lad.


I'm working from memory here.  Help me out if you remember any names I've forgotten. email cminor at webmoondance dot com
Girls Boys
Row 4: ?, Patty Brown, Laverne Yardley, ?, Patty Mihalevich, Janet Croarkin. Row 4: Bob Spooner, ?, Cecil Moore, David Moore, 
            Gary Chandler, Mike Wilson, John Kauzlarich, Terry Smith.
Row 3: Marsha Crnic, ?, Sheila Moore, Kathy Chandler, 
             Becky Quinn, Sue Nugent, ? Sandy Kriegshouser, ?.
Row 3: ?, Ed Ball, Mike Doland, Charles Snyder, Tom Minor, Bill Bennett, Ed Crnic.
Row 2: Teresa Kelly, ?, ?, Edith Ann Strub, ?, Ronna Evans, 
             Pam ?, Theresa Chiarottino.
Row 2: John Williams, ?, Glen Garrett, Frank Grgurich, Tim Treasure, 
             Leslie Camp, David Heaberlin.
Row 1: Patty Kriegshouser, ?, Cathy Moore, Linda Miller, Lynn Mihalevich, 
             Claudia Minor, Karen Dolen, Nancy Garrett, ?.
Row 1: Wayne Hawkins, C.A. Pack, Richard Ball, Kenny Bounds, 
             Larry Garrett, Ray Snell, Bob Higgins.