Kirksville: Washington Grade School

Kirksville Missouri

Submitted for your enjoyment by Paul Moots.

Teacher, teacher, Faye Bradshaw, Robert Norton, Meryl Goodwin, Bob Cook, Marva Powell, Paul Moots, ?.
Margie Roderick, Larry Elger, Janet Cragg, Jim Ogle, Sarah Winslow, Bobby Long.
Ray Leming, Cathy Payton, Jerry Harkey, Denice Mauck, Charley Mitchell, Sarah Ladd, Robert Bratton, Pam Sallade.
Dayana Miller, Phylis Mullenix, ?, ?, Bobbi Nichols, Norma Drummond, Sharon Sullivan.


Baseball Team 195?.
First row: Jack McClain, Paul Moots, Andy Crist, ?, Jerry Harkey.
Back row: ?, ?, coach, Glen Estes, ?

Armon Vaughn Class - 1904
School picture w/ Armon P Vaughn w/ his students; looks like the same class
he took to the Worlds Fair (below).


Classroom of A P Vaughn, teacher - Washington School, No. 8.
1904 Class of Teacher A.P. Vaughn (Armon Preston Vaughn). 
In the lower left hand corner there is a sign that says: Kirksville, MO.